My name is Murat and I make games

I study Electrical-Electronics Engineering at Aksaray University in Aksaray, Turkey. I'm an avid student and spend much of my free time learning something new. Also I learned lots of programming languages and took algorithm lessons. As this was an electrical and electronics class, I learned how to program various types of PLCs, single-board microcontroller, and build computer software.

In Summer 2018 I worked as an Intern at Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation and get so many experience about Electrical Engineering. Next summer, I wanted to participate a student exchange program. In June 2019, I went to United States of America and had a job as a Tent Installer at Sperry Tents Seacoast in New Hampshire. I met a lot of people from different cultures in the United States and have new friends. I've also traveled many states like Maine, Massachusetts and New York.

Murat Erdemir

Last Workday at Sperry Tents Seacoast − October 2019

In my spare time I play video games, listen music and read interesting space articles. I like watching movies so if there’s a movie worth to watching, I go to see the movie with my friends.

I started working with HTML when I was 13 then discovered I enjoy programming. Therefore, I started learning more programming languages in an attempt to find something that grabbed my interest. My current plan is get more knowledge about Unity, finish my game and subsequently market it. In the future, my dream is to become a programmer and to get a job as a game developer.

Murat Erdemir

Times Square from New York Trip − August 2019

We've been working on Unity as Indie developers

Me and my brother are full focused on developing a linear story based game with using Unity Game Engine. Currently We're working to create own game assets with using Maya Software and Blender. We'll also share our assets -not that all- as a rendered image and concept arts on this website and my twitter account.

NOTE: Game assets and concept arts can change in the long run.

Render image

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Email me at erdemirmuratcom@gmail.com, or use the contact form below: